10 Ways to Add CBD to Your Routine

CBD is taking the world by storm. The reason for its popularity is that CBD has many uses. Millions around the world use CBD to help with pain, improve their skin health, and boost mood. Not only does CBD aid with many of life’s hurdles, but it’s also incredibly versatile. There is a seemingly never-ending list of CBD products that you can use at all times of the day. Here are ten ways you can feel the benefits of adding CBD to your routine all day long.

1. CBD Coffee in the Morning

Rise and grind yourself a fresh batch of CBD coffee to get your senses percolating. CBD and coffee are the ultimate morning powerhouse. 

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that promotes awakeness. However, it can exasperate feelings of anxiety and cause you to lose track of focus. 

CBD helps calm overexcited receptors. So, we get all the focus with none of the fidgets!

You can purchase CBD coffee beans from online retailers. However, it’s just as easy to make CBD coffee at home. 

Just brew a cup of joe and allow it to cool a bit. Stir in a few drops of CBD tinctures and crush your day!

2. CBD Supplements with Vitamins 

It takes repetition to create good wellness habits. Plus, the only way to achieve results is with repeated use.

That’s why millions of people take their preferred dietary supplements every day at the same time. Add CBD to that roster. 

If you don’t like the flavor of CBD tinctures, get CBD oil capsules. Put them on the shelf next to your toothbrush so that you remember to take your supplements every day.

Unlike tinctures, these take a while to feel the effects. Your body must digest the capsule first and then absorb the cannabinoids. So, it might be best to take CBD capsules first thing in the morning.

For quicker activation time, consider purchasing water-soluble CBD capsules. They’re a bit more expensive. 

However, oil and water don’t mix. So, making the CBD particles water-soluble improves absorption. 

3. Mid-Day CBD Tinctures 

CBD tinctures are excellent for a quick serving of CBD. Capillaries under your tongue help you absorb the CBD at a much faster rate than capsules. However, your body will use up the CBD much sooner.

A CBD tincture is a conspicuous way to help provide relief throughout the day. Just place a drop under your tongue to deal with anxiety while commuting. Take another drop when that old sport’s injury starts flaring up!

4. Skin Hydration and Pain Relief with CBD Topicals 

Speaking of pain relief, CBD gets to the root of the problem like no other remedy. That’s because your skin is equipped with cannabinoid receptors. 

When your body is fighting an infection or inflammation, the receptors will trigger the pain, swelling, redness, and blotchiness in that area. 

CBD topicals allow you the opportunity to provide targeted relief to your irritated skin and inflamed joints. Directly rub into the topical into the region causing you problems as needed. 

Also, CBD is a fat-based molecule. Fats are essential for repairing skin cells and help our body absorb the topical’s nutrients. 

5. Unwind with CBD Flower 

Sometimes you just need to chill after a long, hard day. Some people turn to cigarettes to calm their nerves, while others veg out with marijuana. 

Hemp is an excellent option for someone who doesn’t want the mind-altering effects of weed and the unhealthy consequences of cigarettes.

CBD flower has the fast-acting effects of tinctures. You’re inhaling the cannabinoids into your mouth, which allows for rapid absorption. 

Simply roll up some hemp leaves in a joint or grind up CBD flowers in a sherlock pipe and puff away. 

6. CBD Baking

If you have some flower leftover, cook with it. First, you need to activate the cannabinoids through a process called decarboxylation. 

Throw the flowers in the oven between 230° to 245° F for 60-90 minutes. Next, integrate the activated bud with butter for baking.

Melt a cup of butter on the stove over low heat. Add a cup of cannabis and let simmer for two to three hours. Stir occasionally.

Strain the butter from the leaves. Now, the butter is ready for use in any baking recipe! 

If this isn’t your thing, you might be able to find powdered CBD at a local dispensary for your baking needs. 

7. Draw a CBD Bath 

Just as CBD is an excellent way to start your day, it’s perfect for the end, too. One of the most popular benefits of CBD is that it promotes relaxation throughout the body. So, does a warm bath!

Draw a bath and put a few drops of CBD tinctures in. Soak in the cannabinoids and let your stress melt away.

Also, many companies have started creating CBD bath bombs. These are an amazing way to let your worries fizzle down the drain. You’ll feel ready for bedtime in no time!

8. Have a Snack with CBD Edibles

Who doesn’t love a delicious piece of chocolate or a juicy gummy as a late-night snack? Now, you can have the added support of CBD!

There are plenty of delectable (and guilt-free) CBD options out there. However, the calories can add up! So, be sure to look at the nutritional data before going to town that late at night.

9. Give Your Pet Some CBD Relief 

Many of us love our pets more than we love the humans in our house. So, we should give them the same care we would provide ourselves. 

One of the most rewarding ways of adding CBD to your routine is by providing your pet with relief. There are CBD pet treats, pellets, and tinctures for all types of pets and their unique needs. 

Adding CBD to their routine will have your animal recapturing some of the spirit they used to have when they were younger. You’ll notice your fur baby moving around easier and regaining their appetite. 

10. Treat Your Sores with CBD Cream 

There’s nothing worse than aches and pains that wake us up from a solid slumber. Be proactive by treating your hot spots before you hit the hay. 

Many of us use hot and cold creams for achy muscles and joints. Now, brands are adding CBD into their formula to boost the anti-inflammatory benefits. 

When CBD interacts with receptors at the area, it calms down their inflamed response. In turn, your brain will think that the threat is over. So, you’re less likely to experience jolts of pain in the middle of the night. 

Add CBD to Your Routine and Experience the Difference 

There are so many ways to use CBD. Adding it to your routine will be a seamless integration. 

Just make sure you read the labels of any product you buy. Try to purchase hemp cultivated in America, as it’s grown with organic practices. 

Check if the product is third-party lab tested for purity so that you know exactly what’s in your product. Understanding what you’re buying is the key to getting the most of its benefits.

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