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How to use Backwoods Pen and More Tips

You must be aware of pen vapes that are very easy to carry and handy to use. There are many companies that are making these super affordable vapes. As they seem easy to use but still have some techniques to use it. People have many questions related to it and how they should turn it on and off. Well, this is not a huge deal. I am here to tell you how a backwoods pen can be used. Since 1973, Backwoods have been a heavy ad player, which helped people change their views about cigarettes. But did you know that Backwoods is also a main ingredient for blunt pre-roll cannabis sellers? Shop now if you’re into these types, I will explain all the instructions related to it. So let’s start the article.

Backwoods pen:

Vapes are of different types and kinds. They require a strong battery system. The best vape battery is backwoods battery pen. It contains many amazing and astonishing features that include wax vape tanks and multiple eGo atomizers. It has a voltage output of 4.8 voltages. Its capacity is a maximum of 1100 maH.

The truth is, a THC vape pen is also getting increasingly popular as more people learn about the product. It really depends on your personal preference on what kind of vape you enjoy using!

What does a backwoods pen look like?

Well, they are really attractive and lavish. The velvet finish gives it a very luxurious look. They come in various colors and designs. You can choose any of them as per your choice. This wide variety of backwoods vape pens has made it the best batter for cartridges.

Charging of backwoods pen:

These are really amazing battery designs that have a USB charger. You have to connect it with the adopter. This adapter is of 5v. and one more interesting fact is that when it would be fully charged the vape would be disconnected from charging automatically.

Advantages of backwoods vape pen:

This comes with multiple benefits that wouldn’t stop you from getting this beautiful piece. Let’s have a look at them.]

–   It has twist wheel control that makes it super easy to use.

–   It is very suitable with eGo wax tape tanks.

–   Its battery is super supportive and can run for several hours.

–   It is compatible with all types of cartridges.

What are the features of a backwoods pen?

There are multiple features of this pen which is the reason it is perfect for cartridges. Now we will discuss them in detail and it will help you to understand them more easily.

1-    The weight of this slim and pretty pen is just 38 gm.

2-    It can fit in your pocket easily as it has a diameter of 14mm and is 120mm long.

3-    If you forget that you have put it on charging and it has changed then it will automatically stop charging.

4-    And when it is overcharged it will shut off in 10s. These two features are really amazing because it helps to save battery life.

5-    The model’s name is a Backwoods Twist.

6-    The variable voltage and resistance ranges are 3.3-4.8v and 0.5-3.0 ohm respectively.

7-    It has a single button to operate and you click it to turn it off and on.

Backwoods vape pen instructions and best tips:

1-   Size of cartridge

It is very important to choose the right size of cartridge for your battery. Always go for the cartridge that exactly fits in your battery.

2-    Top and bottom airflow cartridges

The 2nd important thing is the airflow of your cartridge. Bottom airflow cartridges have a hole in the center that usually turns the activation of the battery. This helps in inhaling.

3-   Battery care

You need to take the best care of the battery. If you have such a battery that can be turned off then turn it off when it’s not in use. Clean to remove oil build-up. You can use alcohol for its cleaning. One more important thing to note is that your battery can have very bad effects if you bring them in extremely hot temperatures so avoid using them in such conditions. Also, save it from water.

Learn more about weed pens and how to smoke in this article on Askgrowers https://askgrowers.com/blog/how-to-use-a-weed-pen.

Ending points:

In this article, we have talked about the backwoods pen that is very easy to use. These work efficiently when used with care. I hope you like this article. Thanks.

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