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Yocan Evolve Plus XL Complete Review Here

Nowadays pen-like vapes are very common. The size of older and bigger vapes has been reduced to pocket size and people really love it. There are many companies that are making these vapes. But in this article, we will talk about yocan evolve plus xl. All the details related to its quality and features would be discussed. So without wasting much time let’s start with the details.

What is yocan evolve plus xl?

It is a pen-shaped vape with a very amazing battery timing. It has a 4 coil atomizer. It is very handy to carry. You can simply put it in your pocket. Now let’s talk about the features that make it different from others.


The battery life of evolve plus yo can is very cool and attractive. It has a 1400 mah battery that can be used for 2 days at least. If you are a casual user and just use it occasionally then it can be used for 1 week least or more. But if you use it all the time then it can be used for 2 days with one charge.


If we talk about its portability then it is highly portable. This pen-size vape has a correlation with size and battery. It is very important to consider how much wax a vape can hold. These vapes have silicon storage at the very bottom that is enough to hold a good amount of wax. You can easily carry it without any other tool.

Making quality:

As it is small in size you can make the manufacturing quality just fair. The thing that has affected it is its coil design. They have put more effort into making a 4 coil atomizer instead of producing a good vaporizer. There are many vapes with 7 atomizers and still, their quality is beyond expectation.

Temperature resilience:

This yocan evolve plus xl has just an on and off button. Its settings aren’t very productive and don’t have many options like other special vaporizers. The details about the coil’s resistance aren’t mentioned anywhere. Moreover, the power output isn’t regulated. One more thing I should mention here is to never leave this evolve plus you can vape at a very low battery because it can affect its voltage which in turn lowers the battery life.

Vapor quality:

After the whole examination, it is clear that it is designed for huge rips due to its 4 coil atomizer. Coils in yocan evolve plus xl aren’t placed technically in the center there is an empty space. It is claimed that the raised area usually pushes cannabis remains towards the coil but that’s not true. When you put a lot of cannabis extract they will not spread equally. It is advised to never tilt your vape because it will not reach all coils.


This yocan evolve plus xl is just 60$ and in the center of the battery and coils, it contains a tiny valve for airflow that is impressive. If you increase the airflow the air will pass more easily.

yocan evolve plus xl Accessories:

The manufacturer has provided you with a great kit and all the tools that are necessary for this vape. The list is given below.

–         Loading tool

–         Two quad quartz elements

–         Lanyard

–         USB charging cable

–         Hanging ring

Overall review:

This device is basically for new beginners. It has several features that are very helpful for them. You get a good amount of vapor when the quads pack a punch. But this device lacks in temperature quality.

If it was made more powerful it could have left all other vapes behind. It is not very enjoyable but it can still give you some enjoyment. There are many other vapes as well you can choose them too. In this article we have talked about yocan evolve plus xl. I hope you like this article.

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