Anandamide: The Body’s Marijuana

It’s a known fact that cannabis interacts with the endocannabinoid system of our body, but did you ever wonder why we have the endocannabinoid system in the first place? No? That’s fine because we’ll figure that out in this blog.

The answer to that question is anandamide. It is an endocannabinoid created by our body that helps to regulate various bodily functions like appetite, memory, pain perception, movements, etc.

It is an important neurotransmitter that is important to maintain balance, and anandamide does that with the help of two cannabinoid receptors, namely CB1 and CB2. Both of these receptors are needed to carry out bodily functions.

Health benefits of anandamide

Regulate appetite

Appetite is linked with the anandamide in some ways, as it works on a reward system, as does pleasure response, both of which are a specialty of anandamide. That means It can help regulate appetite. 

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Anti-emetic properties

Studies show that improved signaling of CB1 receptors can help increase appetite, but not only that—it also helps ease nausea.

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Pain relieve

According to research done on rats, it is possible that anandamide can potentially reduce pain perception in a person. The said fact was proven by injecting CB1 antagonists, which reversed the effect.

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Helps to ease depression

Depression is very common and extremely dangerous, but anandamide is said to be beneficial to ease the condition. It gives a similar response as the antidepressant does.


Ways to naturally increase anandamide

There are a few ways through which one can increase their production, for example:

  • By practicing exercise
  • By consuming more food and vegetables
  • By trying acupuncture
  • By eating dark chocolate
  • By trying CBD

Yes, you read the last one right: cannabis can help increase anandamide production. According to research, cannabis can potentially enhance anandamide as it slows down the degradation of AEA, which means higher local AEA levels. That is also one reason it is found to be part of potential therapies for schizophrenia.

How do I get CBD?

To get high-quality CBD, you first need to get yourself a West Virginia medical marijuana card from online platforms. This card allows you to buy marijuana from your local dispensary under proper legal protection. You can get access to high-quality cannabis products that are also available in greater quantities than what a recreational user can purchase.

To get your card, you have to visit your West Virginia MMJ doctor or have an online session with them where they can diagnose your condition and determine whether you are eligible for a medical card or not.

If your documents do not approve, you will be notified about it, and if you do qualify, you will receive a notification regarding the approval.

You will also receive your medical cannabis card online or get it mailed to your address. This card you can then use this to buy appropriate doses of marijuana for your health condition without worrying about the purity and quality of your marijuana product. For recommendation, West Virginia MMJ Card Doctor is the best, as they make the work easy through online counseling and other related services.

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