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Crick in neck: What are the symptoms, causes, and Treatment Tips

Every pain has different intensity and it affects it in different ways. But there are some pains that are worst and they won’t let you move. Problems that make people uncomfortable are usually the most irritating. You might have heard from some people that they aren’t able to move their necks. Crick in neck is a problem that affects your neck badly and a person becomes unable to move his neck. The main focus of our today’s lecture is its treatment tips. We will cover all details related to it. Let’s dive into it.

Crick in neck:

It is neck tightness and stiffness and it usually affects the lower neck muscles and shoulder blades. When your neck is rigid it is unable to move and that makes you uncomfortable. People who are watching you feel like there is something stuck in your neck.

Crick in neck causes:

There can be several reasons for Crick in neck and they can be treated when dealing with care. A muscle spasm that is a condition in which your neck faces undesirable contractions and tightening can be the reason for this condition. Secondly, a herniated disc can be the reason, in this condition the connection between bones gets affected. And lastly, the most prominent cause is spinal stenosis. Moreover, sleeping in a bad position can be the result of this crick.

How do I get rid of the crick in my neck?

You can get rid of the crick in the neck in different ways. Some are home remedies that are very helpful and in the worst cases, you should seek help from a Chiropractor. Now let’s see some remedies:


 If you or some of your friends tell you that there is a crick in my neck you can give them this stretching tip. When you stretch your neck it can relieve the tightness of your neck muscles.

All you have to do is sit straight at some place and put your shoulder at the back and your head should be centered over the shoulders. Now you have to move your neck away from the stiff muscles side and try to touch your ear with your shoulders. Then hold it for a few seconds then do it for the other side. You will feel relief in your pain.

Self massage

Self-massage can help you a lot to get rid of crick in neck. You just have to put some drops of oil in your hands and gently rub them on your neck. You can do it for 20 minutes. First, it would be hard to rub your hands on a stiff neck but suddenly the heat of the oil will help you to get rid of that pain.


Heating is very effective in dealing with neck pain. You can use heating pads that are easily available in the market and put them on your neck. If you don’t have a heating pad you can use a hot towel for that. Put any of these 2 things on your neck for like 20 minutes the stiffness would turn into softness.

Try ice

Sometimes heating can’t go well to treat crick in the neck. Then you can use an ice bag for that. Many people have reported that ice bags have helped them to make their pain go away. Same if you don’t have any icing pad you can use a cold towel. It would be effective too.

Medical treatment:

Cricks are very painful experiences and in the worst cases, people visit their chiropractors. They try to relieve the pain without medication and instead of that different therapies are used. They usually deal with patients with physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Even though they are good at treating pains in several other parts of your body.

Final remarks:

In this article, we have talked about a crick in neck that is a very serious issue and can make you feel very uncomfortable. It makes your neck rigid and due to that, you are unable to perform daily activities. This thing should be treated as soon as someone reports to you because if it is left unchecked it can cause serious issues in the future. I hope you like this article. Thanks.

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