Nyanners face Reveal: Bio, Height, Age, Facts and More

In today’s world Tiktok and Youtube are trending and many people are making money through these platforms. It has become a very strong source of income for many content creators. Twitch streamers also have made their name in the world and people love them a lot. Today we will talk about a personality that is fluent on all above mentioned platforms. In this article We will talk about all the details about Nyanners face, bio and many interesting things. Let’s jump into the details.

Nyanners face reveal:

Nyanners face has not been revealed yet she has worked without revealing her face. She is working for so long but hides her face. The twitch character is used for making an image of herself. Only her friends are allowed to see her or all those who see her in real life. But people are really curious about Nyanners face. We can only hope when she will show her face.

Nyanners Bio

She is a jack of all trades and you can see her on tiktok, youtube and on twitch tv. Nyanners face was not revealed for many years.Nyanners  was born in america on 14th june. If we talk about her real name then it’s Nyatasha Kotova Nyanners. She is a gemini. Nyanners belong from mixed ethnicity.

Family and education:

Nyanners face was not revealed for almost 9 years. She has never talked about her family and siblings. Nyanners is not married and currently she focus on her career and doesn’t date anyone. If we talk about her education then she is studying and has not graduated till now. But soon she will graduate but she never shares the name of her university or college.

Physical appearance:

As per sources it is said that she is just 17 years old. She is very pretty with 5 feet and 6 inches height. Nyanners weighs 58kg only. Her hair color is black and have hazel pretty eyes. Nyanners face has not revealed yet the details that we are providing you is based on her twitch character.

Nyanners career:

She has been working for a long time. Nyanners began to work in 2011 by making a youtube channel. She worked on this platform for 9 years without showing her face. Most of the videos that she posted were ASMR and raps. Back in 2020 she started working for twitch tv and then she posted highlights from that part. She makes cover songs on different famous songs. On VODs channel she has 129k followers and she posts work related to twitch.

Nyanners net worth:

She earns from more than one platform and as per an estimate her final income is 600,000$. We will see in detail which channel makes her more money.

  • Youtube

On youtube she has almost 2 million subscribers and earns 5 million views per month. Her yearly earning from youtube is 100,000$.

  • Twitch 

She makes a lot of money from ads during twitch streaming. She also has paid subscription plans. Her subscription rate is 5$ per person which makes 19000$ per month for her.

  • Merchandise 

As you know these tiktoker have started selling their customized producer and she sells socks, playmats and yearbooks.

Interesting facts:

  • You will see her streaming 4 days a week.
  • She is not on instagram.
  • She loves the Green Day brand.


In this article we have talked about a very famous and hardworking girl. Nyanners face is still a mystery and people want to see her. All of us are waiting for her face to reveal.

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