Your Guide to Wholesale CBD Products

Cannabidiols have taken the world by storm.  Whether you’re located here in the United Kingdom, or you’re somewhere else in Europe or the EU, these types of products have been gaining a lot of popularity.  While most places do require customers to be at least eighteen years old, let’s just say that the market has been growing consistently for the past decade at the least.

All of this probably factors into why a lot of folks have started to look into “alternative” ways to purchase their CBD products.  Wholesale options are hard to find, but they can be quite nice for us as consumers who want to purchase in bulk.  Obviously, they’re useful for businesses who want to sell CBD products as well (since that’s the real reason that wholesale exists).

Right now, it does certainly seem to be one of the better times to enter the industry.  Each day we see more research and studies like this one published to demonstrate the effectiveness of cannabidiols in medicine and healthcare.  Although CBD products aren’t sold with the intent to be medicinal or have healing properties, they can alleviate pain and anxiety for some people.

Thus, it only makes sense to want to dip your toes into this industry and tap into this widely expanding market.  Getting there can be difficult — so today, we’ll be explaining how you can find wholesale CBD products as well as which ones you may want to purchase for your own retail store. 

What is CBD?

Put simply, CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol. However, there’s a lot more to this, so we’ll do our best to explain it.  As you may have guessed, it does come from the cannabis plant.

While this is the case, it is derived from hemp rather than marijuana, meaning that CBD products are not addictive.  They don’t give the signature high that marijuana provides, which is why they are legalized in many more countries than marijuana itself is.  This isn’t the biggest concern in much of the EU, but we felt it was worth highlighting.

Science is still studying cannabidiol, though.  As of now, there’s no evidence that it could cause a public health crisis or that it’s addictive, which is good news. Generally speaking, it’s safe to use and consume — meaning that as a retailer, you aren’t taking on liability by selling it.

Wholesale CBD and the Intricacies Involved

With those simple details out of the way, we can now discuss how to obtain CBD flowers wholesale and why that may be an option to consider.  The flowers are used to create other products such as oils, soaps, or even something like drops to put into tea. Variants like drops to put into drinks are quite popular.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to decide how to use them once we get them. Interestingly enough, there are different flavor and scent profiles to choose from with certain wholesale websites, giving us much more flexibility.  Some examples are peach cobbler, biscotti, or even gelato, just to name a few.

Depending on whom you order from and where you are located, you may be able to find same-day delivery (or at least very fast delivery times).  Though again, this depends on where you are in the UK or the EU and how much you are willing to pay for shipping.

What Should We Buy Wholesale, then?

If you haven’t purchased wholesale before, or you might be trying to explore other options available in the market, then you may not be entirely certain what to add to your cart.  This is understandable, especially given that there are so many choices these days.  While that is definitely a plus for the consumer, we aren’t complaining about it, as it can make decision-making difficult.

Articles like this one, https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/abstract/document/9669404, delve into the concept to an extent.  Checking them out can’t hurt, and we’d encourage you to take advantage of the other resources we’ve provided as well.  With that said, there are a few other things to keep in mind here as well.

When you find a seller that you’re interested in, check out their “about” section.  See what their mission is and what they are about. Additionally, you can look into where they source their flowers since some strains of cannabidiol are made in a lab.  Typically, consumers tend to prefer naturally grown options.

Again, flowers are probably the most common option for wholesale purchases but don’t be afraid to delve into other territories as well.  When you find a retailer you think you would like to purchase from, remember that you can ask questions and raise any concerns directly through their customer service agents.  Do your best to find high-quality CBD flowers that will deliver what you’re looking for.

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