How to Package Cannabis as a Brand

Consistency is vital when branding cannabis products. At a time when the cannabis industry is becoming a capitalistic haven, branding is the best way to stand out against competitors. There is a flood of cannabis products entering the markets. Some survive while others don’t, but the key differences between the two are branding and quality.

If you have a quality product readily available, creating impeccable packaging that accurately represents your brand is the next step toward longevity. Building a long-lasting brand boils down to the colors, lettering, and even shapes used to convey your product.

However, there are a few points to identify before turning cannabis into eye-popping retail products. For one, it is compliant packaging. Since each state has its framework surrounding packaging cannabis, it’s imperative to be up-to-date and aware of what’s allowed under the state’s law.

Presentation is critical, and good branding is the key factor in building longevity in this incredibly competitive industry.

Practical Packaging

What’s the use of eye-popping branding if the packaging is not an ineffective one? People want to ensure that their cannabis products are fresh and untampered when they get them from stores to their homes for consumption. Regardless of the type of logos emblazoned across packaging, they need to secure the products within.

Of course, the packaging all depends on the contents within it. However, the rule of thumb is to ensure block humidity or light exposure. Flower needs to be stored in a room of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that the heat or moisture doesn’t degrade terpenes or crystals. Similarly, concentrates are highly sensitive to heat and humidity, which can ultimately change the texture and consistency. At the same time, cold climates can turn your products brittle.

So, before you find the proper typography and logo to draw in clients, it’s essential to find packaging that will help maintain the integrity of your products.

What Type Of Packaging Is Available?

There’s an array of different types of Package Cannabis available, though compliant regulations determine what’s allowed in each state. Jars, mylar bags, tubes, bottles, and containers are used for various products like edibles, flower, and concentrates.

Bags and jars are two of the easiest to customize since they have plenty of surface area to work with. Bags are often used for flower and edibles, though it’s not entirely out of the blue to see concentrates and tinctures stored in mylar pouches.

Keys For Compelling Branding

The imagery associated with the cannabis industry changed drastically over the years. Stoner culture often shared similar imagery to the hippie movement, though that’s no longer the same. Cannabis appeals to everyone these days, so naturally, branding isn’t limited to appealing to the stereotypical stoner like tye-dyed products.

The colors, shapes, and typography chosen should reflect the core of your branding. For example, if you’re appealing to medical patients or those seeking therapeutic benefits, it’s better to use more subtle imagery and lighter colors. However, some brands aim to appeal to young adults consuming cannabis recreationally. In these cases, using brighter colors and bolder font can draw in that key demographic. Even with darker colors, there are ways to use sleek, minimalist packaging effectively that, often times, appeals to a more mature audience.

You always want to ensure your products have these traits:

Through compelling branding on your cannabis packaging, you’ll be able to build a following that creates brand familiarity. Ultimately, the products can be top-shelf, but people eat with their eyes first, so making the packaging appealing is essential.

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