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Skincare with CBD

CBD is one of the two major components of marijuana, which is often known for its ability to relieve pain, PTSD, addiction, and other related issues. But there’s a different side to it that very few people know of and that is its undeniable flexibility and usefulness in cosmetic products.

Origin of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally present active compound in several CBD hemp flowers or cannabis. Cannabis unlike THC is non-psychotropic which means the consumption of CBD does not get you high. CBD is a widely used product to treat symptoms of chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, etc.

The reason why CBD can deal with such hard-to-treat disorders is because of its anti-inflammatory property. CBD greatly helps with mental health-related issues due to its inhibitory effect on enzyme production which produces the feeling of stress and anxiety.

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Factors that make it an ultimate element for skincare products

It is believed that CBD has many qualities that make it perfect for use in Skincare with CBD products. Some of those factors are:

  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-sebum
  • Anti-aging
  • Hydration

All of these properties make CBD an amazing tool to tackle various skin care problems. Cosmetic trends have also picked up on these qualities and now many companies are trying to infuse their cosmetic products with CBD to revolutionize the cosmetic world once and for all.

List of cosmetic products

If you are wondering about what are the things and products that can be infused with CBD then here is a list of those products which as of now can be easily infused with CBD.

  • Oil
  • Balm
  • Cream
  • Foot cream
  • Face serum
  • Lip products
  • Scalp treatment products
  • Lotion
  • Roll on

Benefits of CBD in skincare regime

  • CBD helps to calm your skin down by reducing inflammation which ultimately helps to reduce skin problems like blemishes, acne, spots, redness, etc.
  • CBD helps to reduce fine lines and premature aging which makes your skin look more young and supple.
  • CBD helps to make your hair strong, healthy, and voluminous.
  • CBD helps to calm down the irritations caused by allergic reactions with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe the skin and reduce the allergic response.
  • CBD helps to close pores and tightens the skin which results in a reduction of blemishes and tighter softer skin.
  • CBD helps to prevent premature aging and reductions in the symptoms caused by it, like early wrinkles, open pores, and fine lines.
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The science behind CBD use

If you visit a dermatologist frequently then you might have noticed that they put extra effort into highlighting the consumption of fruits and veggies. The reason behind this is that they want you to increase your daily consumption of important nutrients like antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, etc.

And if you read the article now you would know that CBD is known for its antioxidant properties. The antioxidants present in CBD help to prevent the accumulation of free radicals on the skin. These free radicals are unstable and are caused by excessive skin exposure to UV, pollution, and dirt.

These free radicals lead to a breakout, blackheads, and whiteheads which is why it is important to prevent free radical formation.

Directions to use CBD products on the skin

There are many ways in which you can use or take CBD, some of the ways include:

  • Taking 2 to 3 drops of CBD directly in the mouth
  • Applying CBD oil
  • Consuming CBD in the form of desserts or CBD Chocolate Bar


Research in cosmetics and CBD products still has a long way to go, but based on what we know now it is sure that CBD is going to be a boon for the cosmetic world. The benefits CBD offers make it a great way to deal with skin problems that otherwise are hard to deal with. But awareness is important when going for CBD-infused products like keeping it out of reach of children and consuming it responsibly. 

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