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Complete Review of Raw Garden Battery

Vaping is becoming very common these days, and those who vape love to get information related to vape categories and their batteries. Talking about batteries, let me tell you that Raw Garden Battery is a variable voltage battery for vapes. First things first, variable voltage batteries help maintain the temperature of your vapes. You can adjust the temperature by changing the voltage. These can be customized for any kind of coil. The 510 batteries are the best of all, and you can simply dial the temperature to heat your coil. Today we will see details about these things.

Raw Garden Battery:

The vapes that have 510 cart batteries are the most effective ones, and for those, a raw garden battery kit is designed. You can find this kit all over America. It costs only $10 to purchase. This kit’s unique and slim design makes it easy to transport anywhere. It works flawlessly and was created by CCELL. If we talk about the capacity of this battery, it is 350 mAh, and its small size makes it adaptable.

How can you use the Raw Garden Battery?

The control of hits is in your hands with this battery, as it comes with three options: low, medium, and high. You just have to press the button and inhale. When you are done inhaling, press the stop button and exhale. If you are new to raw garden batteries, which are variable voltage batteries, it is best to start with the lowest option to avoid sneezing and coughing.

About Raw Garden Battery’s settings

When you buy this battery, it will be partially charged. But before proper use, you have to charge it completely with a 510 USB charger; it will take 1 hour to charge your vape battery. Now you need to know some basic things about this battery.

  • The battery capacity of the Raw Garden Battery is 350 mah.
  • Five clicks will help you turn it on and off.
  • It requires three clicks if you want to change the voltage.
  • For preheating your device, you need two clicks.
  • The blue color shows a low 2.9 voltage.
  • Green will show a medium 3.1 voltage.
  • And lastly, the color red will show high 3.3 volts.
  • If the light is turning on and off, then that’s a hint to you that it needs to get charged.

Problems in Raw Garden Battery

It is a high-voltage battery that has a 510-mah capacity. There are also many exciting batteries available in the market, but they are expensive. The issues that this battery faces include:

  • When you feel it is not producing smooth vapors, it means it needs charging.
  • When the light blinks frequently, it is because the connection between the battery and the cart is faulty. There must be an issue with the cartridge, which means you need to change the battery.
  • Clogged hits indicate that the battery thread is dirty and that oil is leaking from the cartridge, causing a blockage.

Advances settings for Raw Garden carts:

Raw Garden Battery has three options, all of which are highly recommended. If you are using a citrus flavor, then go for low to medium voltages, but if you are choosing heavier flavors, then a high voltage is more suitable. Fresh flowers from cannabis plants are used in the making of Raw Garden carts.


Raw Garden Battery is a variable voltage battery that allows you to adjust the temperature of your vape and improve your vaping experience. All guidelines related to its settings are mentioned above, so you can easily handle them. I hope you like the details.

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