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How to hit a cart without a battery: A Full Guide

Many people relax after their hectic days with vapes. But everyone hates the fact that it suddenly stops working. When there is no battery, your vape coil becomes unable to store the oil, which means smoking isn’t possible after this. Then how to hit a cart without a battery there are multiple options that you can use. Today we will talk about some of them so you can continue to enjoy the vaping experience. So without wasting any time, let’s start with the details.

How to hit a cart without a battery:

You can easily hit your cart if you don’t have a battery. You can use an iPhone or Android charger to complete this task. We will see the steps involved in this process one by one.

How to hit a cart without a battery with an Android charger

  • To begin, take the Android charging port and carefully cut it with scissors. There must be enough space for the cord to access laptops or phones.
  • The next step involves discarding white and green wires. You need a USB cable to charge the battery, and it would contain red, white, green, and black wires. The red and black wires are important, as red indicates the positive pole and black indicates the negative pole. Additional white and green wires must be removed before charging your cart.
  • Once you have removed the green and white wires, you need to cut the ends of the main wires with the help of nail clippers.
  • Now comes the main part of the process: you have to take the black wire and place it in the center of the cart’s base.
  • Now, on the outside surface of the cartridge, connect the red wire. In the USB hole, place your Android charger. A buzzing voice will now indicate that your vape is producing vapor.

How to hit a cart without a battery with an iPhone

If you want to hit a cart without a battery, you can use an iPhone charger in the same way as an Android charger, but as the phone’s charger is different from an Android charger, there are different wires, so it is advisable to not use it when you are in a rush.

When do you need to buy a new battery for your vape cart?

People always try to find the quickest way to solve their issues, but there are some drawbacks to using alternatives. People who are looking for a way to hit a cart without a battery should be aware that purchasing a new battery can be extremely beneficial. I’ll let you know how.

  • If your old battery has stopped working, you can buy a new one because they are affordable and easily available in the market as well as on Amazon. So why cause havoc with your other chargers? Just spend a few dollars and enjoy permanent good vaping.
  • If you want to hit a vape cart, then the genuine option is to connect it with a fully charged battery. Other options can work well, but there are some security risks involved. So always go with safer options.

What is a vape cartridge?

This is a cannabis container containing the main ingredient of your vape, e-liquid. It is available in disposable e-cigarette lines. When cannabis is heated, the oil transforms into steam or vapors.


Today we discussed an extremely important topic: how to hit a cart without a battery. There are many ways to charge your vape, but they all come with risks, so if you want to enjoy your vape faster, replace your old battery with a new one. I hope you like the details.

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